The International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology - (ICRIET - 2022), set to take place in the stunning city of Melbourne, Australia, has been planned in such a way that it will traverse through diverse viewpoints, acumens, inventions, and discoveries from academics, researchers, technicians, professors, and specialists. This conference will assist as a one-of-a-kind program to elevate consciousness regarding advancing reforms in diverse domains of engineering and technology. The expanse of this convention is as compelling as it is crucial. In order to persist on the cutting edge, delegates will be taught to remain constantly vigilant, when it comes to catching up with the most modern inclinations, recognizing the diverse constraining provocations, or handling their individual inquiries.

The International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering & Technology - (ICRIET - 2022), is the ideal platform to promote one's standing amongst fellow researchers and other sections of the academic society as well as to participate in the expanse of expertise and recognition. The event is the ideal occasion to do all the aforementioned and more, where partakers can profit from networking opportunities and accelerated learning. Delegates are further urged to present their research findings for dissemination in an assemblage of renowned publications. All delegates at this conference are certain to leave the event feeling highly motivated and inspired.

ICRIET-22, to be held in Melbourne, Australia, will draw unitedly a spectrum of specialists and scholars to associate and share their intellectual know-how, innovative strategies and investigative outcomes on every perspective of engineering and technology, along with exploring functional obstacles and recommendations. This conference will highlight a broad array of prime discourses by eminent lecturers from across the world. The most solid and groundbreaking investigative research findings will also be granted awards.